Secure GPS E-Track™

Secure Networks has developed cutting edge GPS technology and made it available to PITH-Logistics. These tracking devices are powered with only the finest extended life alkaline batteries to allow reliable tracking for extended periods of time in any climate. The proprietary “Linear Airwave Disbursement Servo” or LADS eliminates the need for external antennae. LADS can stay in constant communication with multiple satellites; it is compact and entirely contained within each tracking unit and has a service life of 10 years. Secure GPS E-Track™ is the only GPS tracking system in the world that offers LADS technology.

The transmitters are the smallest and most concealable transmitters on the market today. They offer a wide range of functionality and have the ability to log movements for the duration of their service life with an accuracy of less than 10 meters. Easily programmable and preset automatic functions require minimal input from the end user. Additionally all of our units come with a “Kill-Switch” that, upon activating, allows the receiver of the consignment to shut off the unit and effectively ends communication with the GPS and GLONASS network. This feature is a failsafe to ensure the security of the receiver and to allow them complete privacy once they are in possession of the consignment.

All of the devices are virtually indestructible under most circumstances. Each device goes through 32 point inspection, the most stringent inspection process in the industry.